All in Adventure Review

13th Age: The Strangling Sea

Knotted and intertwined like a tapestry, this is “The Strangling Sea.” Designed for 13th Age, a roleplaying game that combines the best of d20 fantasy with story-focused rules. In this review, Jeremy pulls on the narrative strands that make this rpg adventure so exciting.

Salt and Sacrifice

In this roleplaying game review, Clayton takes a look at a fast-and-ready adventure called “Salt and Sacrifice.” Originally designed for Shadow of the Demon Lord, Clayton is looking at how a non-native D&D 5E adventure might fare at the Dungeons & Dragons table.

The Justice Trade: Tartarus

In this roleplaying game review, Jeremy dives deep on one adventure of “The Justice Trade” collection of adventures for the Ashen Stars RPG. The module in question: Tratarus—the untold story of a space crew arriving to investigate another crew’s untimely demise.