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13th Age: The Strangling Sea

Knotted and intertwined like a tapestry, this is “The Strangling Sea.” Designed for 13th Age, a roleplaying game that combines the best of d20 fantasy with story-focused rules. In this review, Jeremy pulls on the narrative strands that make this rpg adventure so exciting.


As other sci-fi horror rpgs enter the market, it's important to give Mothership a well-deserved love letter. In this roleplaying game, you and your crew try to survive the most inhospitable environment in the universe: outer space! With it's ironclad rules and a brutalist eye for functional layout, Mothership embodies the science-fiction of Alien and Dead Space with an OSR flair; cold beautiful and face-melting.

Salt and Sacrifice

In this roleplaying game review, Clayton takes a look at a fast-and-ready adventure called “Salt and Sacrifice.” Originally designed for Shadow of the Demon Lord, Clayton is looking at how a non-native D&D 5E adventure might fare at the Dungeons & Dragons table.

Spirit of the Century

Thirteen years later, Spirit of the Century, is still the quintessential pulp pickup roleplaying game. In this RPG review, Clayton talks about the genre of pulp action, the Fate system, and why this older game still holds up years later.