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Narrative Character Sheet

Redesigned from the gorgeous Tyranny of Dragons character sheets, this subtle redesign is all about emphasizing roleplay. With small tweaks and features for new player and old players alike, if you love the “official” look and feel of the Wizards of the Coast character sheet, this is it.

13th Age: The Strangling Sea

Knotted and intertwined like a tapestry, this is “The Strangling Sea.” Designed for 13th Age, a roleplaying game that combines the best of d20 fantasy with story-focused rules. In this review, Jeremy pulls on the narrative strands that make this rpg adventure so exciting.

The Six Best RPG Blogs

It can be hard to know what blogs are the best. In keeping with the RPG game blog tradition, this is The Explorers Company’s recommended reading list of roleplaying game writers, reviewers, and designers.