Narrative Character Sheet

Narrative Character Sheet


Story-First. D&D-Always.

The same official Wizards of the Coast look, now subtly redesigned to be story and roleplay first.

If you’re a veteran looking for a smart and effective reorder of the character sheet you love, this is it.

If you’re teaching new players, this character sheet has the depth of the original with the fine-tuned tweaks to slowly onboard across the page from left to right. Character first. Then roleplay stats. Then combat.

Available on the DMsGuild
2 PDFs (Print & Form-Fillable)


What's included? 

  • One Ready to Print Version

  • One Form-Fillable Digital Version

What are the changes?

  • The personality, ideals, bonds, and flaws have been moved to the left side

  • An appearance box for art-minded players has been added

  • Languages have been grouped with the narrative elements and singled out

  • Skills have been given double-bubbles to record proficiency and expertise

  • Passive perception has been moved up for space-saving needs

  • New players: "race" has been changed to "fantasy ancestry" for fantasy newcomers

  • New players: hitpoints have been reformatted and given hearts to identify faster

  • New players: "hit dice" have been reformatted to make them easier to explain

  • New players: Currency has been simplified to three (CP, SP, GP) with conversion rates

13th Age: The Strangling Sea

13th Age: The Strangling Sea